July 11, 2014


Full Servo Molding Machines 35-940 Tons Full Servo Vertical Machines 45-150 Tons www.marukausa.com

July 10, 2014


VFD Servo Driven Hydraulics 35-1565 Tons 2 Platten Servo Driven Machines 500-4000 Tons www.marukausa.com

July 9, 2014


Full Servo Robots and Sprue Pickers Turnkey Automationwww.yushinamerica.com

July 8, 2014


Plastics Assembly Solutions Ultrasonics, Spin, Vibration Thermal, Laser http://www.dukane.com/us

July 8, 2014

Plant Star

We bring the factory into focus. Real-Time plant floor data acquisition system. plantstar.org

July 8, 2014

Better Engineering

Automatic Cleaning Systems. Aqueous-Based Industrial Parts Washers and Sanitization Systems www.betterengineering.com

July 7, 2014

CTS new

Complete Leak Testing solutions Pressure, Mass Spec, Vacuum, Mass Flow, Custom Stands http://www.cincinnati-test.com

July 6, 2014


Complete Material Handling Systems Plastic Pellet conveying, Drying, Blending www.unadyn.com

July 5, 2014

Sterling Co

Complete Cooling Technologies TCUs, Chillers, Towers, and Tanks http://www.sterlco.com

July 4, 2014


Complete Recycling Systems Grinders and Shredders www.cumberland-plastics.com

July 3, 2014


Since 1968, LaRos Equipment Company has manufactured an extensive line of parts handling automation equipment, from individual units…to custom designed units http://www.laros.com/

July 2, 2014


Conveyers and Box Filling Stations http://www.hfaconveyors.com

June 12, 2014

H-P products

H-P’s Engineered Tube Bends business unit is a leading national supplier of fabricated tubular products and accessories for industrial and commercial applications. www.h-pproducts.com